Payment Plan

Your investment

Dutchess Residences Payment Plan is amongst the most competitive and transparent within the Ghanaian real estate sector, making your property investment even easier.

Instalment Amount of purchase price Due date
Reservation fee $3,000.00 Upon signing completion of reservation agreement
1st instalment DR00p1 20.00% Start of construction – phase 1 – Completion of filling and foundation works 
2nd instalment DR00p2 20.00% Start of construction – phase 2 – Completion of reinforced concrete framework base structure
3rd instalment DR00p3 20.00% Start of construction – phase 3 – Completion of superstructure and plastering, painting, partition walls and roofing and ceiling works, cast cement screed floors
4th instalment DR00p4 20.00% Start of construction – phase 4 – Completion of installed glass frames, electrical wiring, internal plastering and plumbing, car park, drains serving the buildings, landscape infrastructure and pavement
Final instalment DR00p5 20.00% Handover inspection on completion date – minus reservation fee

*Official start of construction: January 30th, 2017.

Property type Purchase price Expected furnished monthly rent
(based on 2015 rents)*
Annual rent* Annual rental yield
Dutchess Residences $148.000.- (indicative) $986.66 $11.840.- 8.00%

*Before rental income tax and income tax