Erwin Hamming-Schott

Dutch Interior Designer

“Welcome to this beautiful residential project, sure to become one of the most desired residences in Accra. I am honored that CJ Development asked me to be a part of it.”

My personal vision in interior design is:
“An interior is very personal. Inviting but without frills. Honest and pure. This can be achieved by combining diferent materials, colors, shapes and styles together. It provides the necessary thrill in an interior. Color and lighting are very important. It should feel as a warm blanket around your shoulders, coming home. Design and simplicity go well together. Practicality and attractiveness too. Harmony and balance. Big or small budget, the principle remains the same.”

From this I derived the following slogans that perfectly represent my thinking and my work, seamless fitting Dutchess Residences interiors:
• Simple yet stylish
• Modern yet warm
• Unpretentious yet distinctive
• Quality yet accessible
• Easy and enjoyable

With this approach I am very successful in The Netherlands. I have designed and decorated many private homes the last 15 years, but also restaurants, offices, hotels and more. Since 2007 my style and vision landed in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain. After designing my first penthouse my work was picked up by developers and second home owners over there. From this and from owning a second home in Thailand myself, I know how to consider a warm, (sub)tropical climate in decorating homes.