News Update

Cherished Clientele,

Recently Accra’s famous mountain, McCarthy Hill experienced numerous earth tremors within its vicinity and surrounding areas Weija and Gbawe. During the construction of Dutchess Residences, our construction team endured the effects of these immense foreshocks. Henceforth McCarthy Hill is now classified by Ghana’s Land commission as an ‘Earthquake Prone-Zone’. In close consultation with local stakeholders Ghana Geological Survey Authority and National Disaster Management Organization we are forced to abort the construction and completion of Dutchess Residences at our McCarthy Hill site, due to external ascendancy.

Nevertheless we stay committed to our clientele, as your overwhelming interest in our minimalist residential developments activates and motivates our commitment to construct similar residential projects at viable locations within Ghana’s capital, Accra.

We shall therefore update our website and newsletters in due time with the newly project locations and road map to the acquisition of your residences.

High regards,

CJ Development- Boards of Directors



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